I get paid to be a kid.


Super Bunny Breakout

Super Bunny Breakout  / iPhone  /  Android
Publishers: Atari Interactive and Zynga Inc.

Game Launch Trailer, released October 2012.  Music by Melissa Li.

Atari Super Bunny Breakout. All music by Melissa Li.

Paul Frank Games

Go Julius Go  / iPhone
Paul Frank Magic Balloon  / iPhone
Publishers: Paul Frank Industries

*Note: These games were live in the App Store from Jun to Nov 2011, but are no longer available.

Paul Frank Mobile Games. All music by Melissa Li.

Power Rangers

Power Rangers Samurai SMASH  /  iPhone
Publishers: Saban Brands, LLC

*Note: I served as Lead Composer on this game, but the finished product was arranged by the talented Mike Lerner, who took the music (featured below) to a whole new level.

Power Rangers Samurai SMASH. Musical themes by Melissa Li.